September 24, 2011

San Leandro Marina/Hayward Shoreline Bike Ride

This weekend we decided to get the bikes and go for a ride. We headed to the San Leandro Marina. We hopped on the bikes and headed south along the shoreline trail. The first 1.5 miles is a paved path. This area close to the marina is pretty busy. Lots of walkers, runners and bikes. When the trail headed toward local housing we simply turned right to continue to follow the shoreline. The trail then turned to hard packed dirt with a bit of gravel. We continued to follow the trail as it entered the Hayward Regional Shoreline crossing several small bridges along the way. We found less people as we got closer to Hayward although we did pass a group of birdwatchers. The weather on this occasion was perfect with only a light breeze. But be warned it can often be extremely windy along the shoreline. We turned around just before reaching the Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center. We took a few pictures and retraced our tracks back to the marina. We ended up riding just over eleven miles.

On a side note, a brand new dog park just opened at the San Leandro Marina.