April 17, 2010

Alameda Creek Trail Bike Ride

With the EBRPD Trails Challenge in mind, we headed out for a bike ride along the Alameda Creek Trail. This paved trail follows the creek from Niles Canyon to the San Francisco Bay, passing several staging areas along the way. We drove to Coyote Hills Regional Park in Fremont and started our ride at the Bayview Trail near the parks main parking lot. We stayed on the breezy trail for about 0.75mile before it connected to Alameda Creek Trail. Near this junction we were fortunate to be surrounded by many grazing sheep. They were all around us and were not shy. There were bicyclists, walkers and runners all stopped here admiring the sheep and snapping pictures. After we took our share of pictures we continued on the trail. There are mile markers every quarter mile for those who may not want to do the entire trail. On the first half of our ride the weather was warm with just a slight breeze, a perfect day for the ride. There were runners, walkers, bicyclists and a few people on roller blades enjoying the trail. After about an hour we arrived at Niles Canyon where we took a break and more pictures. We made our way back towards Coyote Hills. About 5 miles into the ride back the wind really starting kicking up and making us work for our progress. As we made it back to Coyote Hills we could feel the air beginning to cool. More tired than anticipated, we were glad when we made it back to our car after about 2and a half hours and a 20 mile ride. The trail proved to be good for a leisurely bike ride (when it is wind-free) and would work well for a run as well. Its not the most scenic ride you'll ever take but it was great being able to travel 10 miles in one direction on a paved path and never have to cross traffic.

EBRPD's Alameda Creek Trail Website