March 14, 2010

Sunol Regional Wilderness Hike

This was a dual purpose day for us. We wanted to go for a short hike and to pick up our Trails Challenge T-Shirts. The Trails Challenge is a self paced program to get people out to enjoy the East Bay Regional Park Districts many parks. Registration gets you a downloadable guide booklet, an organic T-Shirt and a commemorative pin for those who complete the challenge. To complete the challenge you need to travel 5 of the 30 trails in the guide booklet or travel 26.2 miles of trails featured in the guidebook. Registration is free for Alameda and Contra Costa County residents, and free for Kaiser employees who are residents of Northern California. Sunol's visitor center was the closest for us to go and pick up our shirt, so thats where we went. And since we were there we of course had to do a hike. We wanted a short hike on this particular day, so we decided to head out towards Little Yosemite. We parked in front of the Old Green Barn Visitor Center and walked down the road to the footbridge. We crossed the bridge and turned right following the signs to the Indian Joe Nature Trail. This section gently rises into the hills. Then we headed onto Canyon View Trail, which gradually ascended. This trail stays true to its name and provides some great views especially on this day when the skies were clear and all the grass was green. Continuing along Canyon View you get your first view of the Little Yosemite area from above. A right turn at the junction takes you down to Camp Ohlone Road and Little Yosemite itself which is a scenic gorge on Alameda Creek. It's a beautiful section of the creek and a great place to enjoy the serenity of the flowing water. Lots of people were just hanging out here. We stayed for a bit, took a few pictures and then headed back towards the visitor center along Camp Ohlone Road. This part of the trail is basically wide and flat and goes right back to the parking lots. Although this was a short hike it was one of my favorites that we have done recently. Fantastic weather may have had a lot to do with it, but it was quiet, scenic and very enjoyable. Our hike totaled 3.16 miles and took about 1hour and 45 minutes. If you want an even easier hike simply take Camp Ohlone Road to Little Yosemite and back.

Sunol Regional Wilderness
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