May 9, 2009

Sunol Regional Hike

We went hiking today at Sunol Regional Wilderness. Its right off 680 in, you guessed it, Sunol, CA. We did a 5.2mile partial loop hike. Total elevation for the hike is around 1200'. The hike starts at the .72mile marker trailhead on Welch Creek Rd. Theres parking for only about 5 or 6 cars. Be aware you actually need to go to the main gate by the visitor center to purchase a parking permit to put on your dash first. We hiked the Maguire Peaks Loop Trail with a detour to the actual peak, which provides great views towards Pleasanton and the South Bay. You are looking right down on San Antonio Reservoir and can even get a glimpse of Calaveras Reservoir. The grasses just barely still have some green to them. But that will be gone within the next couple weeks. And the weather was perfect, especially since this hike provides very little shade.

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