March 30, 2013

Lagoon Valley Park

We had a chance to visit a park this weekend that we didn't know existed until a few months ago. Lagoon Valley Park is just a few minutes off of Highway 80 in Vacaville, CA on Pena Adobe Road. Entrance fee is $3 and there is ample parking. We were there for a trail race which was based out of the Rotary Grove Group Area. Aside from several group areas there is also an enclosed dog park, BBQ pits, trails for hiking/running/biking and of course a lagoon for fishing and non-motorized boating. We were there for the Lagoon Valley trail race by Brazen Racing which took us on a loop around the lagoon as well as high into the parks hills. Of note none of the parks trails are named so it is really important to have a map with you to find your way back. We were lucky in that we were there with a large group of runners doing the race and the race organizers temporarily named the trails for the event so as to match with the maps they provided. The loop around the lagoon is about two miles and flat, making it a great place for a walk. There are single track and wide fire roads leading into and out of the surrounding hills for people up for a more challenging tour of the park. We were lucky in that the race course took us up into the hills providing some great views of the lagoon and surrounding area. With the park being so easily accessible from the freeway we definitely plan on going back for some more exploring.

Lagoon Valley Trail Race