July 29, 2010

Alaska Cruise: Glacier Bay

This was to be a special at sea day on our cruise. We would be cruising Glacier Bay National Park. The most common way people get to see Glacier Bay is by cruise ship.  In the early morning National Park Service park rangers boarded the cruise ship. They setup in one of the lounges with some educational information and to answer questions. One of the rangers headed to the bridge and provided narration for the cruising of Glacier Bay over the ships intercom. The outer decks of the ship got crowded as everyone headed outside for the views. The main highlight was reaching the Margerie Glacier. Margerie Glacier is a 21 mile long tide water glacier. The ship got very close to it and then turned all the way around that way everyone on the ship got a great view of it no mater where you were viewing from. We took lots of great pictures from the front of deck 13. It is truly a remarkable site to see. As the weather was pretty cold we headed back to our room and would enjoy the rest of Glacier Bay from the privacy of our own balcony.  The next big site to see was the Johns Hopkins Glacier. The ship did the usual turn so everyone could see. It was a beautiful site to see but no where near as impressive as Margerie had been. After the ship continued on a bit we headed to the ships theatre where one of the rangers put on a slideshow about Glacier Bay. After the presentation the rangers left the ship and the ship headed out of Glacier Bay.