August 23, 2009

Sequoia National Park - Tokopah Falls

While camping in Sequoia we did a hike with the family to Tokopah Falls. The trail starts right by the bridge in the Lodgepole Campground, just a short walk from the campsite. The day was overcast, a nice break from the heat of late August. The trail was rocky at first but as the climb leveled the path was smoother. We followed the Kaweah River for a while then began moving away from it into the valley with great landscape around us. It got rockier and steeper as we got closer to the falls, with lots of loose rock. After 1.7 miles we reached Tokopah Falls which was really more of a trickle at this point in the summer. The granite walls around us were a spectacular sight and I could only imagine how beautiful this must be in early summer.