June 3, 2009

Bryce Canyon National Park

Not as many hiking opportunities in Bryce Canyon as in Zion. We decided to do a 3 mile hike on Navajo and Queen's Garden Trails. We parked at Sunset Point and walked a short distance to the Navajo Loop Trail. Quite a bit of foot traffic along Wall Street as the trail descended down into the amphitheater. Thankful we didn't start too early in the morning since it was still chilly. We made our way through the hoodoos and great views. Passed a few lonely flowers and critters along the way to Thor's Hammer, much more impressive in person than in a picture. We went on to Queens Garden Trail and stared and stared at Queen Victoria, a hoodoo that is supposed to resemble a queen, but we just couldn't see it. Found more peace and quite on this part of the trail as the sun started to beat on us. We made our way back up the 550 feet we had descended and ended at Sunrise Point. Just a short walk along the Rim Trail and we were back at our car.

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