March 8, 2008

Mount Diablo Hike - Balancing Rock

This was a day where we wanted to get out of the house and do a hike. However we were looking for something easy and close to home. So we decided to head over to Mount Diablo. Decided to do the hike out to balancing rock. Got the info for the hike from the wonderful BA Hiker website. This hike is an easy 3.9mile out and back with only 480 feet in elevation change. It starts at the Curry Point Trailhead which is about halfway up the mountain. You hike on fire roads out to balancing rock, which is a rock formation with a large rock perched on a smaller rock. Only took an hour and 40minutes total to do the hike. Yes it is as underwhelming as it sounds, but it was great just to be outdoors.

Balancing Rock

BA Hiker

Mount Diablo Website